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Top 100 Midlands Restaurants - Vote For Yours Now!

Midlands diners are busy voting for their favourite places to eat across the region, in readiness for some exciting news coming soon!

What is Top 100?
We are participating in this initiative, and on each of our listings, with over 1000 to choose from, you can rate your favourite Midlands restaurant, pub, or eatery, if listed, under a number of categories (See below).

How does it work?
Over the next months we will be monitoring the highest rated venues, by you the diners, and then will post the Top Rated 100 venues to the organisers of this initiative, listing all of them PLUS featuring THE Top places to dine in the Midlands, according to you.

How do I rate my favourite venue?
Simply search for your favourite venue above by name or town, or go to our advanced Midlands Top 100 Restaurant search HERE to find a specific venue you have perhaps not been to before. Rate that venue where it says 'Rate Here' and await the results - you can rate as many venues as you like.

Not listed? If you favourite (or own) venue is NOT listed in our directory, simply email us here with the venue details & one of our team will contact them.

Ratings categories below....Search your favourite venues & rate them by clicking the 'Rate this venue' link...Happy dining!

Below for illustrative purposes ONLY - Rate each venue on their listing


Were the team attentive or irritating?

Complaints handled well or badly?



Relaxed & ambient, or stressful & tense?


Polished tables & sweet smelling toilets, or prefer to eat in the car park?


The bill a happy conclusion, or a woe-full shock?


Would you return with friends, or send your worst enemies?


TOP rated so far?


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